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About Body Temperature

The thermometer measures different parts, why are the body temperature values different?

The body temperature is different in different parts of the human body, because the basal metabolic rate of different parts of the human body is different, and the heat generated by metabolism is also different. Body parts with abundant blood vessels have relatively high body temperatures. In addition, some parts of the body are not easy to dissipate heat, and the phenomenon of high body temperature will also occur. As long as your body temperature is within the normal range, there is nothing to worry about.

What is the normal temperature of the human body?

Human body temperature varies with time. Human body temperature is lower in the morning and slightly higher in the evening. In addition, the metabolism of different parts of the human body is different, and the body temperature is also different. Under normal circumstances, the temperature of the armpit is 35-37 ℃, the temperature of the ear is 35.8-38 ℃, the temperature of the oral cavity is 36.0-37.5 ℃, and the temperature of the rectum is 36.2-37.9 ℃. The forehead is 35.8-37.8 ℃.

What is the body temperature for a fever?

According to the fever reference value given by the American Academy of Pediatrics, when the ear temperature is ≥38°C, the armpit temperature is ≥37.2°C, the forehead temperature is ≥38°C, the rectal temperature is ≥38°C, and the oral temperature is ≥37.8°C, it can be judged as a fever.

How do I measure under the tongue (oral measurement) correctly?

For a measurement under the tongue, put the contact thermometer in your mouth so that the measuring tip is on the right or left of the root of your tongue. This is where the so-called heat pockets are located. The tip of the thermometer must be in contact with the tissue throughout the measurement process. Close your mouth and do not open it during the measurement. If you do open your mouth, for example because you cannot breathe through your nose, the measurement result may be incorrect. The reason for this is that the air inhaled through the mouth may cool the measuring tip. Babies and small children are usually unable to keep their tongues still for the duration of the measurement. You open your mouth during the measurement or try to bite the clinical thermometer. All of this can skew the result. Therefore, we do not recommend oral measurement for infants or young children. If you want to measure fever in young children, you should use the rectal measurement.

How do I measure the body temperature correctly in the anus (rectal measurement)?

A precise and reliable result is obtained with the rectal measurement (measurement in the anus). This method is particularly suitable for infants and children. To take the temperature, gently insert the thermometer up to 2 cm into the anus. After the end of the measurement or after taking the fever, slowly and carefully pull the thermometer out again. We have equipped some of our thermometers with a flexible measuring tip. This makes taking fever as comfortable as possible when inserting and removing the thermometer and when the infant or toddler moves uncontrollably. Unfortunately, we hear again and again that the measuring tip is made "smoother" with cream before the measurement. We strongly advise against this, as the ingredients in the cream may cause the flexible measuring tip to become brittle.

How do I measure my forehead correctly?

You need an infrared thermometer to measure the body temperature on the forehead. An infrared thermometer works on a different principle than a contact thermometer. With an infrared thermometer, the emitted infrared radiation is measured on the forehead. With some devices, you don't even have to touch your forehead. The infrared radiation hits a sensor, is evaluated and shown on a digital display. An infrared thermometer has a very short measuring time. This is a great advantage if you want to measure fever in small children or restless patients. Due to the non-contact measurement method, you can even take a measurement while your child or patient is sleeping.

How do I measure correctly in the ear?

As with the measurement on the forehead, you need an infrared thermometer for the measurement in the ear. The infrared ear thermometer has a different functional principle than a contact thermometer. With an infrared ear thermometer, the infrared radiation emitted by the eardrum is measured inside the ear. For an accurate measurement, carefully insert the clinical thermometer sensor into the ear according to the instructions for use. The easiest way to do this is to pull the auricle slightly backwards. This straightens the ear canal. Make sure that the sensor is aimed as precisely as possible at the eardrum. It is precisely at this point that the temperature is measured by evaluating the infrared radiation emitted by the eardrum. The infrared radiation from the eardrum hits a sensor, is evaluated and shown on a digital display. Some people have slightly different temperatures in their left and right ear. Please always measure in the same ear. If you have been lying on one ear, the temperature may be slightly elevated. Wait a while or measure the other ear. A measurement in infants is only possible from the age of 6 months. For infants under 6 months, the ear canal is still very narrow and the measurement could cause pain to the baby. Only adults should measure children's ears. In the case of inflammatory ear diseases, you must not take any measurements. The same applies if hearing damage (e.g. eardrum damage) is present or if the ear is in the healing phase after an operation. The measurement with the ear thermometer can also be incorrect if the ear is contaminated with earwax or something else. Make sure the ears are clean. At this point we would like to emphasize that you should NEVER try to take a measurement in the ear with a contact clinical thermometer. This can lead to serious injuries!

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